October 17, 2022

"Dave Schmier, the founder of Proof and Wood in New Canaan, Connecticut, says the practice of independent bottling also has historical roots in the U.S. “Before Prohibition, most of the bottlers along Whiskey Row in Louisville were not distillers—they bought barrels and blended them,” he says.

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February 22, 2021

The Independent American Whiskey Bottler Arises In The United States

"Through long term relationships with barrel brokers, Schmier accumulated an entire range of whiskies, from corn whiskey to light whiskey to decades old bourbons and ryes...And out of that came a new expression that could be a tipping point."


August 16, 2020

National Rum Day:

Best rums, according to experts

“Right now, I am loving The FUNK — at 100 proof, it’s not watered down, it’s unaged and doesn’t taste of additives or colorants… Just pure Jamaican funk,” 


April 27, 2022

"...this straight bourbon is sourced from only 20 barrels to give off a dry palate filled with cinnamon, banana, and vanilla notes....will appease bonded whiskey enthusiasts and allows Tumblin’ Dice to be enjoyed perfectly on the rocks."

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August 18, 2020


"Full-bodied with a touch of Jamaican funk and rye spice, it’s part of the wave of sophisticated, age-driven, carefully-crafted rum that’s coming to the market."


March 8, 2021

Small Batch Whiskey is a Hot Trend

" Proof and Wood Ventures, is one of a surging group of middlemen who work in the space between national brands and local craft distillers."

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November 10, 2020

The 9 Best New Rums to Drink Right Now

"The mellow kickoff brings notes of sweet vanilla, butterscotch and melon, while the spicy rye and funky pot still flavors hang back until the finish."