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"Bottled at 49.5% ABV, the spicy rye is front and center, but the rum cask lends a lightly fruity sweetness with just a hint of funk. It’s a fascinating and very tasty juxtaposition. The long finish is quite spicy; a bit of water tones it down, but also brings up the sweetness too much."

"The long and the short of this is The Globe may very well be the best thing I’ve had from Proof and Wood. The mouthfeel was almost perfect; the layers and layers of flavor were mesmerizing, and I fell in love with the finish, which seemed to be orchestrated."

"Taking the top prize as the World’s Best Bourbon was The Representative, Small Batch Bourbon bottled by Proof and Wood Ventures.”

Dave Schmier, the founder of Proof and Wood in New Canaan, Connecticut, says the practice of independent bottling also has historical roots in the U.S. “Before Prohibition, most of the bottlers along Whiskey Row in Louisville were not distillers—they bought barrels and blended them,” he says.

"However, Proof and Wood just recently broke into a completely different realm that at once is exciting and treacherous."

“Right now, I am loving The FUNK — at 100 proof, it’s not watered down, it’s unaged and doesn’t taste of additives or colorants… Just pure Jamaican funk,”

"The final result is a whiskey that’s been around the world, full of complex flavors, and clocks in at 99 proof."

"Nevertheless, the “World’s Best Bourbon” title was actually taken home by The Representative: a 4-year-old, 115-proof expression, sourced from MGP in Indiana, and bottled by Proof and Wood.”

"Dave Schmier’s latest venture in the spirits world Proof and Wood just released their latest blend of rare whiskeys: Seasons 2021.”

"...this straight bourbon is sourced from only 20 barrels to give off a dry palate filled with cinnamon, banana, and vanilla notes."

"Full-bodied with a touch of Jamaican funk and rye spice, it’s part of the wave of sophisticated, age-driven, carefully-crafted rum that’s coming to the market."

"Winning two categories at the World Whiskey Awards was big for us. It only highlights the attention we put into each bottle we make," said Schmier. "This highly selective competition doesn't hand out many accolades, so it's very definitive when you win. We beat out a lot of other bottles, so we must be doing something right."

"The Senator is bottled at barrel proof, and goes into the glass robust and herbaceous, with orange peel and chocolate playing against tones of nuts and dark fruit..”

"For a more daily drinker, I’m looking to the Proof & Wood portfolio—it’s chock full of amazing drams at great price points that are lower than they should be given the quality levels.”

"Proof and Wood Ventures, is one of a surging group of middlemen who work in the space between national brands and local craft distillers."

"The mellow kickoff brings notes of sweet vanilla, butterscotch and melon, while the spicy rye and funky pot still flavors hang back until the finish."

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